Renew Your AutoTRAX License (12 months)

AutoTRAX is a leading developer of innovative electronic design software for PCB designers, with worldwide sales in over 60 countries.

It’s easy to make a program hard but hard to make a program easy!

You can purchase the Upgrades of AutoTRAX for

only $56

This includes free upgrades for 12 months and never expires.
Unlimited pin count, sheets, layers, parts, PCB size - in other words : everything unlimited! *

* Excluding Electra which is owned and sold by Konekt

If you still have some upgrade time left then the extra 12 months will be added your current upgrade periods. e.g. if your subscription end on 21st. September, 2020 it will be extended to 21st. September, 2021.

You do not need a current update license. If it has expired that is fine. The free update period will start from today.

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'Thanks so much for your steadfast support. AutoTRAX has a beautiful GUI, by the way!'  Roger Blair - Fremont, California

'I like the product and for the price, that is why I have supported it over the years.'  Craig Caraway - Henderson, Nevada

'Thanks for your help …. now that’s what I call Outstanding Support!!! Major corporations could learn a lot from you!'  Mike Lozano - Lockhart, Texas